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The phone shuddered in my shirt pocket and rang with a sense of urgency. I knew it was Mother and muted the call. The bus reached the final destination. The phone shuddered again. "I have reached. Don't keep calling me. I will call you later in the night." The man beside me looked at me with curious eyes. "My mother, sir," I said. "She wants to keep track of my every movement." 

In the fading light, I sat on the bench of a tea shop, ordered a cup of tea and kept my backpack next to me. A Sadhu with matted hair and a monkey on a leash approached the tea shop and sat on the bench opposite mine. The Sadhu tugged the leash, and the monkey jumped and sat beside him. The Sadhu got a banana from his cloth bag, peeled it and gave it to the monkey. The monkey took a bite of the banana and hit the Sadhu on his thigh. He took another bite and again hit him on his thigh. 


Gurdial Singh, a Jnanpith award winner, was one of Punjab and India's great writers. His novels give us a great glimpse into Punjabi culture and its values. This article speaks about the major concerns of Gurdial Singh in his novels. It also discusses the craft of Gurdial Singh and acknowledges the enormous contributions made by translators like Prof. Rana Nayar, who ensured Gurdial Singh's works are read across India. 

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Rana Nayar

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